Our Story


When Mik Shevchek’s 19 year old daughter, Lauren, was diagnosed as a Quadraplegic and paralyzed from the chest down, he was shocked at the gross inequity of recovery options for those with a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI).

With insurance providing on average of only 15 days per year for both OT & PT how could anyone rehabilitate from this devastating injury?

Mik soon learned that the depth of loss that Quadriplegia causes is much greater than the general public realizes.  Paralysis of legs and torso require wheelchair use, but so much more is lost than not being able to walk. Mik witnessed firsthand, as Lauren battled numerous setbacks in her first three months with a Spinal Cord Injury.  She endured a blood clot, low blood pressure, Autonomic Dysreflexia (which can cause stroke & further paralysis), pressure sore, UTI’s, & depression. These serious side effects deepened the understanding of the struggles that SCI survivors can encounter.

Lauren was on a mission to explore alternate recovery modalities.  Despite all the promise and research of Stem Cell injection trials, this is not considered a cure for SCI.

Yet, she has found something that is working for her, and it’s improving her health, wellness and even reversing paralysis!

It’s called Activity-Based Training (ABT) and it has provided dynamic improvement in both physical & psychological health of those paralyzed.

Neuro Scientists themselves have conducting studies which document the benefits of these innovative type of rehabilitation.

As a former athlete, Lauren craved exercising her body and wanted to push the boundaries of traditional therapy.  Lauren enrolled in Activity-Based Training and she has made consistent gains in sensation, strength, function and movement.

Her hips, thighs, knees, all became engaged and activated voluntarily & when her pincer grip on her “denervated” hand returned she was ecstatic!  These comeback victories were exciting to say the least!  It took a dedicated team of trainers and a cheering squad of supporters to help her afford these ABT sessions.  With each new neuro connection made Lauren’s family danced in celebration!

Thus, in that moment, a concept was born– spurred by the same elation of a football team’s touchdown dance.  Lauren wanted to help other SCI survivors to be able to afford Activity-Based Training, challenge their paralyzed bodies and celebrate their own victories!

Fans watch football, not only because they love their teams, but because they can’t wait to see which players bust the best touchdown dance.  Touchdown dances have become somewhat of an art form, and such a strong part of the fan experience.  Why not extend that adrenaline rush to the fans themselves?  What better way to fundraise than to provide folks a chance to go viral, performing their very own touchdown dance?  TOUCH DOWN DANCE 2 WALK is a way to collaborate our love for Football Celebrations & Help SCI survivors get better!

TouchdownDance2Walk is truly about turning TRAGEDY INTO TOUCHDOWNS!

Mik & Lauren challenge everyone to show their Touchdown Dance and then nominate TWO others to do the same.

Post your crazy, kooky unique celebration dance & consider making a donation for our Activity-Based Training fund.