About Us


The TouchDown Dance 2 Walk has been created to raise awareness and funds for those surviving a paralyzing Spinal Cord Injury (SCI).  Over 1 million Americans are living with paralysis resulting from SCI, and 17,500 new SCI cases are diagnosed every year.  Donations for research and rehabilitation therapies will improve the quality of life for SCI survivors.   The ability to recover physical movement, function and sensation along with psychological well being is possible with extensive therapies.

Inspired by a Lauren Shevcheck’s personal story, and America’s love of football, the Touchdown Dance 2 Walk was born. Football and sports unite us, despite team rivalries and politics. We love when our team scores a touchdown – we all enjoy seeing the celebration dance!  

The celebration of achievement, whether touchdowns or neurological reconnections, is exciting and brings us closer to our goal of victory or recovery.

We at TouchDown Dance 2 Walk, want to see YOUR touchdown dance video!  We challenge you to post it to social media and then nominate 2 friends to dance and/or donate. It takes two to make progress! What’s your Touchdown Dance 2 Walk? Show us today to help raise awareness and funds.